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Tyler didn’t come to our very first consultation but I was pumped to meet him since Brittni and her mom had just great things to say about him.  It’s really funny because I’m really bad with names so I try to name associate when I meet new people.  I knew I had to do it quickly since I called him Taylor a couple of times during our meeting.  Oops!  Since when I hear Tyler, I think of Tyler, Texas, I associate him with the town.  But then I started thinking of Austin Texas!  Uh oh!  Thankfully Tyler is really cool and forgiving.  I think I got his name straight by the end of their session.

And talking about their engagement session, we decided to explore the nature center near Volkswagen called Enterprise South Nature Park.  When we got there, a lady got out of her car, found out we were doing an engagement session and told us her husband actually worked there and could tell us some really cool places to take some photos.  She then proceeds to call her husband but we couldn’t wait around too long so we headed off to explore on our own.  Soon, a truck pulled up behind us and out pops the husband of this lady. Tom was his name and he actually took time to drive around and find us.  He then grabbed a offroad vehicle and started shuttling us around… giving us the VIP treatment.  It was awesome!  HUGE thank you to Tom who took time out of his day to go way out of his way for us.  Too cool.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session!


There’s was this one very ambitious forest ranger who was driving a 4 wheeler around like he was driving a Formula 1 race car. Here’s our reaction like he was about to run us over… 🙂

undefined Had a blast with you two, Brittni and Austen Taylor, err, Tyler!  Thanks for being awesome and can’t wait till your wedding! We’re going to have a blast together!

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Something subtle, yet powerful, happens when I look at Bo. There’s an energy present that is very real and felt only between the two of us. It is the connection we have with each other, embodying all that brought us together and the love we share. I imagine that most people assume it’s there, but no one actually looks for it. Except you. Instead of taking pictures of the two of us, you capture what is between us. It is a profound gift that you have, Rich, to catch meaning in a glance or love in a touch. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. - Rebekah Hughes

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