Slow down there, Speedster!

I know you may have many other photographer websites to check you're probably scrolling through quickly but I'd love for you to slow down...take a deep breath...and take in the moments on this website!

I'm assuming you're here because you're engaged and looking for a photographer to document your wedding. It's a big decision. I get it. So I want to make a promise to you. I'm going to try my best to make it much, much easier for you!

So, please, take a look around! I tried to lay out the website in the order in which you need the info. So just scroll, click the next link, scroll, etc!

There are only two things I hope you will take note of:

  1. You feel some sort of emotion when viewing these amazing moments on my website.
  2. You like my personality and think we could be friends! (hint, it is SO important to LIKE and TRUST your wedding photographer!)

If you resonate with both of these things, get in touch with me! I'd love to talk with you!

First thing though: watch this short video below and see if my philosophy when it comes to documenting your wedding aligns with what you want!

It’s all about…


Nice to meet you

Hi! I'm Rich. I'm married to this beautiful, amazing girl named Heather. We work together with this crazy photography business! She helps to keep Mr. ADD focused. You can meet her if you hire a second photographer for your wedding day. I think she's way cooler than I am!

Who am I?

I'm all about connections! You know. That beautiful connection that two people share who are totally and completely in love. But it goes beyond that. I want to capture that connection in a genuine, authentic, non-cheesy way.... while having a LOT of fun doing it!

Connected couples who have an amazing story to tell, they inspire me. They energize me.

I LOVE working with the couple who is excited about the special connection they have with each other and don't mind showing it!

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bride and groom having fun after their ceremony

grandfather hugging the bride

little boy getting a hug from his grandmother at wedding

Leah and TJ celebrates right after pronounced husband and wife

Bride hugging her flower girl


bride beautifully looking at her groom in Aurora Illinois


Bridesmaids thrilled to see the bride in her dress at Tennessee RiverPlace

Mother of the bride "choking" her husband on the dance floor!Wedding guests passionately singing one last song.

Hannah and Alex sharing a moment at sunset

bride hugs her beautiful flower girl on Monteagle Mountain, TN.bride hugs her grandmother after her ceremony in Tracy City, TennesseeBroom holds umbrella over the brides head as it rains after their ceremony in the Art DistrictBridesmaids tearfully see Katelyn in her wedding gown for the first time.Guests laughing and having a great time during a wedding in Roswell, GA.Bride dancing with her grandfather


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What other’s are saying

Something subtle, yet powerful, happens when I look at Bo. There’s an energy present that is very real and felt only between the two of us. It is the connection we have with each other, embodying all that brought us together and the love we share. I imagine that most people assume it’s there, but no one actually looks for it. Except you. Instead of taking pictures of the two of us, you capture what is between us. It is a profound gift that you have, Rich, to catch meaning in a glance or love in a touch. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. - Rebekah Hughes

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