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If you’ve reached this page, then hopefully you’re interested in allowing me to document your beautiful wedding day!

So you're wondering now... how freakin' much!? Fair question! Use the contact page and I'll send you a pdf full of really great info including my latest collections and what in them.

Before heading that way, I want you to know a couple of things!

  • You're awesome
  • The answer is yes, I can travel to your wedding in Ireland.
  • My local wedding collections start at $3,100.


All Collections Include

Extensive Wedding Consultation

Online Viewing Gallery

High Resolution Digital Files

Individual Printing License

Event Cards


Additional items that can be added to collections include wedding albums, parent albums, guest books, fine art prints and all kinds of other cool stuff!

View Our Work

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Learn about Pricing

If you’ve reached this page, then hopefully you’re interested in allowing me to document your beautiful wedding day.  For that, I’m honored.  Below you’ll find many of the questions that I get asked a lot. Once you’ve looked over this information, please be sure to

Available Worldwide.

Friday thru Sunday Local Weddings in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area begin at $2800*.
I have a wide array of options to fit in most budgets. Please use the contact form to gain access to my full price list immediately!

All Clients Receive:

Extensive Wedding Consultation
Online Viewing Gallery for 3 months
High Resolution Digital Files (for Printing)
Low Resolution Digital Files (for the Internet)
Individual Printing License
Client Online Portal
Event Cards

(Collections may also include wedding albums, parent albums, a guest book, fine art prints and all kinds of other cool stuff.)



How are you different from other photographers?

I go out and photograph with an agenda. My goal is not just to take pretty pictures; it’s to capture the spirit of my clients relationship.  I encourage spontaneity and my personality lends itself to giving my clients the absolute freedom to be themselves when in front of my camera.  The end result is authentic reactions from my clients.  If you see a photo of my client having fun or laughing… or having a quiet romantic moment, it’s because they really are.

Would our wedding be a good fit for you? Describe your ideal client.

My ideal clients are the ones who have an awesome love story to tell and they’re excited to have the foundation of their relationship documented for generations! And any wedding where there’s a gathering of amazing people having meaningful moments with each other in a charming, natural, or elegant location plays to my strengths.

How do we book you?

I try to make this part as simple and painless as possible.  First, let me see if I’m available for your wedding.  If you feel like I’m a good fit for your wedding, the booking process consists of choosing the wedding collection you need and signing the booking contract — all online.  A $1500 retainer fee is required to hold your wedding date. Final payment is due 1 week before your wedding date.  Checks or cash are preferred. Credit cards can be used with an additional 2.99% fee.   20130616_2250_RS

Do you work with a second shooter?

I’ve shot most of the weddings in my career by myself and am confident that I could photograph yours to your satisfaction as well.  If a second shooter is desired, I have a list of very qualified, highly skilled photographers who I can hire to second shoot with me. A second photographer comes in a few of my wedding collections but if you get a collection that doesn’t have a second photographer in it, you can easily add one at any time! You have the ability to hire them for just your ceremony or for your entire day!

How much do you charge for travel? We’d love to have you but our wedding is going to be on the beaches of the French Riviera.

Travel within 1 hour of Chattanooga, Tennessee is always free. Travel costs can be broken up by the actual travel and a per diem fee. Per Diem (meals, lodging, etc.) is an all-inclusive $200 per night in the US Lower 48. $250 everywhere else. Travel (by car): I charge $35 per driving hour on the road plus per diem for at least one night.

Example: A wedding in Nashville, TN costs $340. It’s 4 hours of travel time there and back for $140 plus $200 in total per diem for one nights stay.  Two nights of stay may be required depending on when your coverage starts and ends.

Travel (by plane):  Airfare is $300 for the first 300 miles from Chattanooga, TN, then $0.20 per mile. Every wedding that requires air travel requires at least a two-night stay (the night before and the night of). You’ll calculate distance as the crow flies using this distance calculator.

Example: A wedding in Tampa, FL. costs $743.4 for travel. It’s 517 miles away, resulting in an all-inclusive travel fee of $343.40 for airfare plus $400 in total per diem.

Unique circumstances of your event may alter your fee slightly.

All I see on your website is amazing moments. Do you photograph any details?

Although I concentrate on the moments that are happening during your day, I also understand that you’ve put a lot of thought, energy and money into every detail of your wedding. Without proper documentation, those details simply become memories that fade.  So I do spend time taking many details to properly tell the story of your wedding day.  Before your wedding, I ask specifically about any details and sentimental items you’d like for me to spend more time on.

What about family formals?

Totally! I just never put those on my site since I don’t want my brand to be known for that.  When you contact me, you’ll have a chance to view an entire wedding gallery.  This will give you a better understanding of what an entire day of coverage would look like… including formals.

I love your style but I’m already married. Do you do “engagement” type sessions for married couples?

Heck yeah! I love this type of sessions. I’ve done many of them, typically for special occasions like anniversaries. I call these “anytime sessions”. Inquire with me about pricing. [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end id=”” class=”pricingfaqsection” style=””]

*Do you offer any special collections for smaller weddings? We only need you for a few hours!

Sure! Well… maybe. It all depends on when your elopement and smaller wedding is.  During prime wedding months (March through October), I only do smaller weddings (5 hours or less) during Monday through Thursday.  If your wedding is between November and February then I’m wide open! Contact me and I’ll send you a way to build your own collection based on your needs.

We love your relaxed style… but our wedding will be quite fancy, so what will you wear?

One of the questions I ask you in your extensive wedding questionnaire is what your guests are wearing.  I’ve photographed weddings from beach wear to black tie. My mission on your wedding day is to “disappear” as much as possible.  To do so, I dress like what your typical wedding guest will be wearing.

How do we see your full price list?

You can see it immediately! Just fill out this contact form now to see my wedding pricing guide!


Do you photograph families?

I do. But I photograph families a bit differently than most photographers. Instead of photographing families, I want to document families. This means photographing your family doing what you enjoy doing as a family. A lot of times I do these sessions at my clients homes. My main question to my families is “What does your family do right now, at this point in time, that you never want to forget”?  Inquire with me for pricing details!

How much wedding coverage do we need? Can we build our own collections? Do you offer payment plans? How many images will we receive? When will we see our photographs?

These questions plus way more are all answered when you view our full pricing sheet. If you’re interested, you can view it right now by just filling out this form so I know which pricing list to direct you to!

Learn about our Legacy Wedding Albums

One of our biggest passions for our clients is that they would have something that lasts for generations. Something that their kids and grandkids will one day view and treasure.  Our view is that taking great photos of your wedding is just the first step. But the process can’t just stop with taking the photo. Photos were meant to be printed.  And there’s no better way to display the story of your wedding day than your very own Legacy Album!

Albums come in two sizes: 10″x10″ and 12″x12″.

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Something subtle, yet powerful, happens when I look at Bo. There’s an energy present that is very real and felt only between the two of us. It is the connection we have with each other, embodying all that brought us together and the love we share. I imagine that most people assume it’s there, but no one actually looks for it. Except you. Instead of taking pictures of the two of us, you capture what is between us. It is a profound gift that you have, Rich, to catch meaning in a glance or love in a touch. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. - Rebekah Hughes

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