Pricing and Booking

How do we hire you?

It's pretty simple actually. Let's grab some coffee or if you're further away, we can schedule a phone call. After we get to know each other, to make sure we're a good fit, the whole booking process can be done online.  A $1,500 retainer fee is required at booking. The remaining balance is broken down into 3 equal payments prior to the wedding date.

Do you offer “off-season” discounts for weddings?

Sure! Well… maybe. It all depends on when your elopement or smaller wedding is.  During prime wedding months (March through October), I only accept smaller weddings (5 hours or less) during Monday through Thursday.  If your wedding is between November and February then I’m more open! Contact me and I’ll send you a way to build your own collection based on your needs.

Can you hold our date for us?

The only way to secure a date with me is to sign a contract and send in your deposit.  If you are the first to contact me for a date, you will have 48 hours preference to book if another couple expresses interest to book that same date.

Where can I view your pricing?

Please check out the details area! And then contact me so I can send you even more information!

Style and Additional Questions

Can you describe your style?

As relaxed, fun and organic as possible! I love having fun with my clients and making them feel comfortable in front of the camera. For the most part, I keep out of the way during a wedding, capturing authentic moments as they happen! Those are the photos you'll treasure! There are a couple of times during the day that I'll have to get more involved... such as when I take group photos or portraits of the bride and groom. Don't worry... I'll make those as painless as possible as well!

Do you work with a second shooter?

I shoot a lot of my weddings alone and have never had a complaint. But for larger weddings where there is more going on and more details to cover, I definitely recommend a second shooter. For local weddings, you can commission a second shooter on a per hour basis. So that if you have me for 10 hours, you can hire a second shooter for just 2, 5, or all 10 hours. It's completely up to you! Contact me for details!

Do you photograph families?

As of right now, I only photograph the families of my existing couples whose weddings I've documented and now they've started their family. But contact me anyway; I have some great recommendations!

Would our wedding be a good fit for you? Describe your ideal client.

My ideal couple is full of life. They have an amazing connection and an exciting love story to tell!  They place a high priority on photography for their wedding, knowing that their images will far outlive the wedding day, and will be valued for generations. The groom is involved and is interested in the wedding process and not folding his arms disconnected from the conversation. Their familes are tight knit, are excited for the union, and will show a lot of emotion and have a great time at their wedding!

Can my uncle bring his camera? Would that distract you?

Nothing distracts me! :) Oh, who am I kidding. I have ADD. But when I'm in photographer mode, I'm really focused!  So if someone brings their camera to your wedding, I'm definitely not going to stop them. My photos will be better. My only exception to this is for your immediate family. I want them to be a PART of your wedding day, not documenting it! That's my job! Do you want to look at photos from your wedding years from now and instead of hugging you, your dad's face is hidden behind a camera? So tell your guests to put down their cameras and be PRESENT at your wedding!

Should I give you a shot list?

Don't feel the need to give me a shot list. I've shot enough weddings to know how to beautifully and creatively capture every moment and the details from your event! Don't worry, I'll ask all of the right questions to know who are the special people, sentimental items and fun moments that will happen during your day! And we'll work together to finalize your formal family shot list!

For out of town weddings, do we arrange your travel?

Kind of you to ask. But no thanks! There's a lot that can go wrong when hotel rooms and other travel documents are in your name instead of mine. I'll book airline, hotel and rental car. That's just something else off your to-do list that you don't need to stress about!

Do you travel for engagement sessions as well?

I definitely do. Let's go on an adventure together! Anywhere 1 hour outside Chattanooga will incur a travel fee. Anything past 2 hours of travel may incur hotel fees. Anything past 5 hours of travel may incur airline fees. Contact me and we can talk!

Do you photograph details and take family group photos?

Definitely! And I capture a lot of them! I wouldn't be able to tell the full story of your wedding without those.  But that's not what I'm most well known for. My passion is to capture your wedding moments and people in your inner circle beautifully and authentically! If you're interested in seeing an entire wedding gallery, contact me!

How many images will we receive?

It really all depends on how many hours of coverage you commission me for. Or if you have a second shooter for any part of your day.  As a rough guestimate, you should expect anywhere around 500 to 700 images. These have been edited and retouched by either Heather or yours truly!

Do you offer a photobooth service?

Heck yeah! We call it the Strut Booth. And it's the best way to capture your wedding guests in the most fun way! But it's not a normal photobooth. It's basically like a portable studio with a 9' backdrop. LOTS of people can jump in and have fun! I have an additional photographer who comes in and directs your guests to do crazy and creative things. You can bring your own props. If not, everything around us becomes fair game to turn into a prop!

Do you offer videography services?

I'm definitely a photographer, through and through. Video is such a different animal all together. Believe me, I tried it! So, no, I do not offer video services. But I have a lot of respect for videographers. I definitely have a list that I've worked really well with in the past. Contact me and I can get that info to you!