Hannah and Tyler: Gorgeous Howe Farms Wedding

Hannah and Tylers gorgeous wedding at Howe Farms was everything that makes us adore our jobs: A beautiful connection with each other, wonderful friends and family who celebrate with love and energy, and a stunning venue to document all of the awesome.

Before we share some of our favorite images from their incredible day, we want to brag on the talented vendors and local professionals who contributed to making everything just perfect for Hannah and Tyler!

Wedding and Reception Venue: Howe Farms
Gown Boutique: Monica’s Bridal
Florist: Flowers by Tami
DJ: With Class, LLC
Table/Chair Linens and Coverings: White Table of Chattanooga
Videographer: 148 Films
Event Coordinator: Cheron Douglas
Cake Artist: Chatta Cakes
Catering: Double Portion Catering

As we share some of our favorite images from Tyler and Hannah’s day, we will also share their love story in their own words, so be sure to read their responses to our questions as you look through their photos!

bride getting ready hair and makeupbride having her hair done bride getting ready bride opening gift

Rich: What did you first notice about your fiancé?
Tyler: I noticed that she had such a contagious smile that made everyone else feel important and interesting.
Hannah: This would be so cliche to Tyler, but, his eyes.

bride looking in mirror at her hairbride getting in her wedding dressbridesmaid helping bride button wedding dressbride and mom getting ready

Rich: If you could have one character trait of your fiancé’s, which would it be & why?
Hannah: His passion for the things he cares about! When he loves something, he loves with his whole heart without fear or fault and with complete vulnerability.
Tyler: She has no capability of holding any kind of grudge or unforgiveness towards anyone no matter how serious the crime. She constantly pours out love and grace to everyone she comes in contact with.

bridesmaids seeing the bride for the first time bride with bridesmaidsbride with bridesmaids laughing groom getting ready groomsmen helping

Rich: What stands out the most about the moment you proposed/were proposed to?
Tyler: What stood out the most to me was how long the day seemed, waiting on 6:00 that afternoon. I was a complete wreck inside but completely overjoyed as well at the thought of a future with Hannah. I felt like a child that can’t fall asleep on Christmas Eve because of the excitement that is so close to becoming a reality.
Hannah: Gosh.. this is hard. But, when he washed my feet.

wedding programs at ceremony site

bride walking down the aisle with her dad groom watching as bride walks down aisle bride and groom during ceremony

Rich: What is the sweetest/most romantic thing Tyler has ever done for you?
Hannah: He writes me letters all the time and our first valentines day, he took me on the riverwalk at night with a speaker and we danced to John Mayer.

ring bearer holding ring pillowbride and groom and wedding party during ceremony bride and groom singing worship song during ceremony

Rich: When do you feel most loved by your fiancé?
Hannah: When we are engaging in great conversation and laughing a lot together.
Tyler: When she acts completely childish with me when no one else is around. We both have weird sides that people would probably avoid at all costs. I don’t have to hide that from her, and at the same time, I’m short of breath from laughter at her weirdness as well.

grandparent holding rose during wedding ceremony bride and groom singing worship song during ceremony bride and groom with lifted hands during ceremony

Rich: Does your fiancé have any secret/hidden talents? If so, describe one of your favorites:
Tyler: Hannah is a secret gamer. Play Station 2 used to be a big hobby of hers with her dad. She is pretty good at Crash Bandicoot and SSX Tricky!
Hannah: This isn’t really secret, or a talent, but he really isn’t the best dancer, but yet loves to dance and it’s fun to watch him do something he has fun doing.

wedding ceremony at Howe Farmsgroom kisses his bride for the first time as a married couple!bride and groom excited after first kiss

Rich: What is most important to your fiancé?
Hannah: Trust and honesty
Tyler: All she cares about is relationships. She doesn’t need a big house on a hill with the Mercedes in the driveway. All she truly wants is meaningful relationships. All she wants out of her marriage is complete commitment from me till our time here on this earth is done.

bride and groom kiss after ceremony brode and groom recessional after ceremony

Rich: Can you recount one of the times you were most proud of Hannah?
Tyler: When she decided to not listen to anyone else’s opinion on whether or not to go on this missions trip to Greece. She said that she had confirmation from God and that she needed no one else’s approval. I fell even more in love with her that day.

bride hugs her sister after ceremony grandfather hugs his granddaughter after she got married.

Rich: When are you most attracted to your fiancé?
Hannah: When he is helping other people/ his family
Tyler: When she leads prayer in a group setting. She prays with such boldness and confidence.

bride and groom walk through field bride and groom portrait in field bride and groom portraits

bride and groom kiss and bride with her floral bouquet

Rich: What’s one of the wildest/most adventurous things you’ve ever done with your fiancé?
Tyler: We jumped out of a plane at 10,000 feet.
Hannah: Skydiving!!

reception table details and florals and platesreception table centerpieces

bride and groom being introduced into reception bride and groom first dance bride and groom first dance

Rich: When is your fiancé at their best/happiest/most fulfilled?
Hannah: When he’s with his family/ worshipping Jesus.
Tyler: When she has had a very intimate conversation with someone she loves on a full belly of chips and queso.

wedding cake and cake topper details

Bride and groom cutting the cake bride and groom cake cutting bride and groom cake cutting bride and groom kiss at cake cutting

Rich: What’s one thing Hannah does that always makes your laugh?
Tyler: She knows how to take the ugliest of pictures. It’s one of her greatest assets.

bride and groom listen to toasts at reception bride dance with her father father of the bride dance mother of the groom dance

Rich: What your favorite physical feature of Tylers and why?
Hannah: Hmm…. probably his arms or chest because they wrap me up and I feel at home.

bride and groom inside veil bride and groom at sunset bride and groom sunset

Rich: Describe your memories around the moment you first realized your fiancé was more special to you than a typical friend:
Tyler: I remember beating Wofford at home and running up to the stands the give the student section high fives and seeing her in the moment, she was so beautiful. I knew friends was not an option in that moment.
Hannah: Tyler and I met up in Atlanta to go on a date almost three years ago and spent the whole day together. We had lunch, went to the aquarium, to the mall and Christmas shopped, and then had dinner. But, on the way to dinner from the mall we were in traffic for almost an hour down backroads with really elaborate houses down every road. We got to just talk, listen to music, admire the houses, and just learn more about each other because at this point we had only been on one date prior. I kept pointing out which houses I liked and he would say, “Oh, so you like that one, huh?” with somewhat of a smirk on his face. In that moment I just knew I would have a house with him one day, and I began to care about him more than I had ever cared about anyone.

bridal bouquet tossgarter toss

Rich: Recount a moment Tyler surprised you in a way that made you love him more:
Hannah: One day I was leaving my apartment to head to class, and on my car I noticed a bag hanging off my side view mirror. I looked inside and it was a poop emoji pillow with a note that said, “I hope your day isn’t crappy!” It left a smile on my face all day long and was a hilariously thoughtful surprise. Our relationship is just fun and funny like that.

bride and guests dancing at reception sister of the bride dancing

Rich: Why did you fall in love with your fiancé?
Tyler: Because best is she best person I know. The way she loves people like Jesus does is so motivating. I have never met someone with such a capacity for love and joy. I get a huge dose of both just from being around her.
Hannah: I’ll try to keep this short. His love for Jesus was greater than anything I’d seen in any other guy I had ever met, and knew he could lead me and love me like I deserved to be led and loved. We could talk about anything and everything and not hold anything back, and he listened to me so intently. His presence just genuinely felt like home to me and we became best friends so fast!

bride and groom dancing bride and groom dancing at reception

Rich: Why are you still in love with your fiancé?
Tyler: Because she accepts even the messed up parts of me and doesn’t try to fix me. She loves me through all of it and continues to challenge me to die more and more to myself each day and to pick up my cross daily.
Hannah: Because he still is and does all of those things and protects and cares for my heart like Jesus does! He’s my best friend and we have fun together no matter what we’re doing. Being with him is bliss!

bride and groom with dozens of wedding guests

Rich: What’s one endearing thing about Hannah only someone who know her very well would know?
Tyler: Hannah loves hard. Very hard. She chooses to believe in the best of everyone, even to the point where she gets hurt. Even then, she loves so courageously. She has been through so much pain but yet chooses to put on a smile everyday that makes people question what it is that makes her special intriguing.

bride and groom sparkler exit bride and groom sparkler exit





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