Emily and Jack » Chattanooga Engagement Photography

Meet Emily and Jack!

I had met Emily at a coffee shop to talk about her wedding before she hired me but Jack didn’t get to come.  So this was the first time seeing BOTH of them and see how they interacted with each other.  They filled out a questionnaire which included adjectives of how they were together.

“Comfortable, peaceful, and adventurous.”

And they totally were just that during our session.  I would have added “hilarious, outgoing and awesome” to the set of adjectives to describe them.  We had such a fun time together!

Later, Jack described their engagement session with me as “going on a date with Emily and you were just along taking photos of it.”  Perfect description.

Check out their photos below!

Love this photo of them. The way Emily is looking at Jack right now… I feel that’s a look she reserves only for Jack.  🙂

Ducks and deuces. We’re such gangstas. Or something!

Loved hanging out and having a blast with you two!  It really was a ton of fun and I’m so thankful that we’ll get to do it again on your wedding day!