Savannah and Jeffrey » Engaged!

I always, always, always try my best to emphasize, encourage, and capture beautiful and authentic connections between couples.  That’s what I’m more passionate about than anything else. It’s (hopefully) what I’m known for at Rich Smith Photography.  To me, this approach is more interesting and tells a much more accurate picture of a couple than with them actually looking at my camera and smiling.  Anyone can do that, ya know?  But having a couple that’s willing to tear down the “stranger” wall and give my camera a glimpse of who they really are, that’s so special!  Each of my clients have a story to tell. A story that I’m anxious to capture and “write” — with photos being the medium.

Thankfully, Savannah and Jeffrey are definitely on the same page as I am.  They have such a wonderful connection with each other and I was inspired photographing them!

If a a picture is worth a thousand words then here’s a 27,000 word essay of their love.  Enjoy and take a second to tell me what you think in the comments!

Jeffrey and Savannah, I had a blast photographing you and cannot wait for your wedding!