Happy Birthday Aidan!

It’s been 15 years since I’ve been in high school. 15 years! Wow. Heather and I had the wonderful opportunity to reunite with some of my classmates a couple of months ago.  During that time, I reconnected with my high school friend Shelley.  Her sons b-day was coming up and so she asked if I could photograph it. Turns out that Shelley doesn’t do b-day parties half-hearted.   With about 80 people attending, it was a blast.  Tons of presents, monkeys (you’ll see), cute kids, decorations, pizza, cupcakes and even a piñata.

The party was originally scheduled to be at a park but because of torrential rain it had to be moved last minute to Partyville in Hixson. Lots of huge inflatable play areas for the kids to play in.  The kids loved it.  Check out some of my favorites!



The b-day boys cake…


Jackson Bakery made these. I didn’t get a chance to try one but seeing how fast the kids were putting them down, I’m assuming they were amazing…


The b-day boy was kind enough to conveniently pose by his sign. Making my job easy!


Shelley with one of the cutest babies EVER…


Lots and lots of presents!


The wonderful host…




Shelley trying her hardest to get “rug” burns on her elbows…


Daniel (Aidan’s dad) joining in the fun.


Every kid there was awesome. Wish I had room to put every one of them on here but not enough room.




Sleepy baby…




What’s a b-day without Ring Pops?




The piñata. This one you just have to pull strings. Only one will let the candy pour out.  Less chances for someone to get hurt and the host getting sued!


Candy came out and with a blur of moment, there was a feeding frenzy of kids.


Then tons of presents to open. Aidan’s favorite was his new bike!


Thanks again for having me come out and spend the special day with you and your family, Shelley!  Enjoy your photos!

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Something subtle, yet powerful, happens when I look at Bo. There’s an energy present that is very real and felt only between the two of us. It is the connection we have with each other, embodying all that brought us together and the love we share. I imagine that most people assume it’s there, but no one actually looks for it. Except you. Instead of taking pictures of the two of us, you capture what is between us. It is a profound gift that you have, Rich, to catch meaning in a glance or love in a touch. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. - Rebekah Hughes

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