The Dine Family

I’m going to keep this post short because I’m so excited to show off this wonderful family!  I’ve known Erik… it seems like forever.  Before either one of us were married.  It’s seems insane how much our lives have changed since we first met on Tim Blackiston’s boat some 12+ years ago!

Now I finally got a chance to document his awesome family!  Each of Erik and Rebekah’s kids look exactly like them.  Mini-me’s.  And they’re each so much fun.  I was hoping to document how much fun they are and I think I succeeded!  Check out some of my favorites below!


The kids are literally blown away by Erik’s singing skills.


Tickle dad time!


Erik and Rebekah have been married for 10 years now!   So I got 2 minutes alone with them to photograph the love. 🙂


I told them to look out over the lake… like they’re looking forward into the future. This is their reaction… the jokesters. 🙂