My Alana

Heather has almost all the fun photographing Alana. She does such an amazing job at it and we have so many photos of her floating around that I don’t usually think about picking up my camera to photograph her.  But Heather is showing me up lately with how good her photography is getting so I thought I’d photograph Alana using a lens Heather rarely ever uses… my 70-200mm!  It so heavy that it hurts her wrists if she uses it for too long.

So I took Alana out in our front yard and did a mini-photoshoot with her.  She’s amazing.IMG_0295

Nothing in this next photograph is sharp.  And I’m usually a stickler for sharp/crisp photos. But this soft photo works. Probably because we don’t see her eyes and it conveys movement. I love it!


She’s so curious right now.  She runs around and says “dis? dis?” to EVERYTHING. She’s learning at an accelerated rate right now. In fact, just a few minutes ago, I took off my shoes when I came in the front door and layed them down. She came over and picked both of them up. I asked her, “Can you put them back”?  She then took my shoes and walked into our bedroom and put them into Heather’s closet.  Close enough. I’m teaching her well. 🙂

Here she is wanting to know what a leaf is.




My beautiful daughter. I can’t get enough of her.  She’s the coolest girl around. She definitely takes after her mom.


I think I’ll have to take more pics of her. She’s growing up so fast.

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Something subtle, yet powerful, happens when I look at Bo. There’s an energy present that is very real and felt only between the two of us. It is the connection we have with each other, embodying all that brought us together and the love we share. I imagine that most people assume it’s there, but no one actually looks for it. Except you. Instead of taking pictures of the two of us, you capture what is between us. It is a profound gift that you have, Rich, to catch meaning in a glance or love in a touch. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. - Rebekah Hughes

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