Sweden – Part 1

I’m going to take some time to put down my thoughts about  my trip to Stockholm, Sweden.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but have just now found the time to edit some pics to show everyone.

As you may know (or not), I had the really cool opportunity to go over to Stockholm for a week and photograph a wedding. As this was my first time to Europe, I had a blast getting to experience a different culture first hand.  Because I really needed an assistant to come along and Heather was pregnant and not feeling well, I took along my sis-in-law Amber. She was a wonderful travel companion and a great assistant!

Check out some of our personal pics!

Here we are in the subway system. The transit system was efficient and amazing! Very “well oiled machine” when it came to transportation.  Love it!

Here we are in the old city Gamla Stan.  This was the area near the church where wedding was going to be held.  Lots of really old buildings, cobblestone streets, small cafes, and lots of tourists.

Amber and I in front of the church.

Inside the church was almost a museum in nature. It had the oldest painting of Stockholm known to exist and lots of amazing sculptures.  Below is St. George and the Dragon made from oak and elk antlers and was first unveiled in 1489.

Some parts of the subway system were just awesome. It’s as if the city told a bunch of artists to go crazy, have fun and make the place look cool. And that’s exactly what they did.  Check out these photos we took in the subway system.

The groom, Terje and his fiance, Courtney were just so nice and wanted to cook dinner for us. So we went over to his parents home and immediately fell in love with their house.

Every street name was like this… long and hard to pronounce.  I think it is their fun way to confuse outsiders.  It worked.  There’s way too many “v’s” in this street name.

More pics from the old city Gamla Stan.

Yeah… we’re mature.

For our friend, Amber Holritz, and her crosses project.

We didn’t get to stay in a super old hotel or hostel (which are all over the place). Instead, we stayed in a hotel that was only 4 months old.  Loved how energy efficient it was!

View from the room…

Same view but at sunset…

More pics to come!

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