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How much do albums cost?
Pricing can change from year to year.  Please email us to get the latest wedding album pricing.  But know that any duplicate albums with no design changes of any size can be purchased for 50% off.  They make great parent or grandparent gifts!

How do we go about ordering an album?
Great question. We try to make it a team effort. A little on your part and a lot on our part.  What we require of our clients is that they at least point us in the right direction when starting your album.  This means, we ask for you to create an online folder from your online gallery (which houses all of your wedding images online). Then you put the images you’d like to see in your album into that folder.  From there, we take over!  Within a few days, we’ll get an online preview of the initial design to you. You can then make changes to it — move images, take away pages, add pages… that kinda stuff.  Then we’ll make the revisions and send you another preview.  We’ll continue this process until you say “It’s PERFECT! Let’s get it printed”!  On average, it takes 1 to 2 revisions before it’s perfect.

Don’t worry though.  It might seem daunting but we have videos and tutorials and online forms so you’ll never feel lost and we don’t make any mistakes!

In short, the process goes like this:

  1. You choose your favorites.
  2. We create a design based on your favorites.
  3. You make revisions until you think it’s perfect.
  4. We get it printed!

Do you count “a page” in a album as the front and back or just the front?
Think of “1 page” like the numbering of the pages in your favorite book. When you open the book, it’s page 1. Then you turn your page, it’s page 2 and 3.  Each page takes equal time in thought and design.

What’s the maximum amount of pages I can get in my album?
You can get an insanely large 80 page album if you’d like!  Some clients want to put their entire wedding experience in their album which could even include rehearsal coverage.

How many images do you put on each page?
We try to tell the story of your wedding as cleanly as possible.  Too many images per page just clutters the story.  So we normally average between 1.5 to 2 images per page.  This might mean that we put one image over an entire spread (which is 2 facing pages) and then put 4 images on the next page.   You can check out the entire wedding album design above to get a better sense of what an entire album design would look like.

Can I get our names imprinted on the cover AND the spine?
Yep. Normally you can get two lines of text on the bottom right hand corner of your album for free.  If you’d like something written on the spine of your album, it’s simply $35 upgrade.

Can we get our names on the spine INSTEAD of the cover?
Definitely!  There’s no charge for this change.  Just let us know when you fill our your order form!

How long does it take to get an album?
It normally all depends on you! During the revision process (see the question to the left), sometimes our clients are too busy to take time to look at it and make the changes they want (if any).  But once you clear us to print it, it should take 15 business days to get it to you!


We have the digital files from our wedding. Why can’t we just order a book from Blurb or Shutterfly?
Three reasons: 1) you don’t have time, 2) a blurb book won’t last long enough for your kids to see and enjoy it, and 3) they’ll ruin your precious memories.

  1. You don’t have time.
    All too often, I’ll check in on my past clients who only ordered digital files but no album… and they’ve done nothing with them.  A lot of times they haven’t even put it in their computer, since they’ve already seen all the photos on their online gallery.  Then life gets busy. VERY busy.  And they just never get around to it.  Think about all of the things you WANT to get accomplished but have not.  This falls into this category.  You have the best intentions in the world but never get around to it.
  2. A shutterfly book won’t last long enough for your kids and grandkids to enjoy it.
    You know why the books you order online are so cheap?  That’s because ever material put into that book is super cheap. That’s how they still make a profit.  The paper, ink, cover, binding… everything… aren’t designed to last a long time.  Soon, the pages will start falling out and the color on the pages will begin to fade. Your professional wedding images… the ones you invested a lot of money in… should be treated differently, don’t you think?
    Let me put it in a different way.  Aren’t you glad your parents have a quality album you can still enjoy decades later?  They could have gotten one of those slide-in picture albums from K-Mart for $20.
  3. They’ll ruin your precious memories.
    Consumer based albums are designed for… consumers.  The images they receive from their clients are normally straight from the camera.  To help with this situation, the lab will put an “auto-correct” filter on the images to increase contrast and saturation.  Normally this works well for “straight from the camera” images.  But the images from your wedding are already edited and enhanced.  Putting the “auto-correct” filter on your weddings images will result in everyone looking like Oompa Loompas.  You won’t enjoy it and you won’t want to share it.

I know you call this a “wedding album” but could I get one from my engagement session as well? You know, to match?
Definitely.  We can build an engagement book or even a guest book for your guests to write in for your wedding.

My mom and grandmother loves my album. Can they get their own copy?
Heck yeah! This actually happens all the time because they get special pricing!  Any albums ordered that are an exact duplicate of your album (no design changes) are 50% off!

Why so expensive?
This question is normally asked by someone who hasn’t seen one of these albums in person.  Once I put it into their hands and they feel the weight and quality of it, their eyes widen and they always tell me “Oh… now I see”.  And that’s without them even opening the book.

Lots of time and expertise is put into thinking through and designing each and every book.  After the design process, each book is carefully handcrafted to make sure every detail is perfect.  Plus the cost of quality materials.  Once you know how much is put into each book, you might actually think we’re not charging enough!

What type of paper and ink do you use?
Now you’re getting technical! Currently Kodak Endura paper is used for all of our books. Printed with a Durst professional large format printer. The ink and paper is designed to withstand any fading for over 100 years!  So you’re guaranteed the best quality available.

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