Emily and Chris » Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

My day documenting the wonderful Emily and Chris’ wedding started at the beautiful Chattanoogan hotel.  It was a room full of girls!

The above is a good photo to depict the amount of friends they have and how many lives Chris and Emily have impacted. So many people wanted to celebrate their wedding!  I’ve never seen Patten chapel so filled up. It was pretty insane but not unbelievable…hang out with Emily and Chris and you’ll understand why they have so many friends.

I love this photo showing some down time in the midst of the craziness.

After putting on her late grandmother’s wedding ring setting in a necklace, there were quiet tears as Emily longed for her grandmother to be there to see this amazing day.

Love that I captured Chris giving his grandfather Bebe some knuckles as the ceremony began. As each of Chris’ guys passed by, each gave him a fist bump.

The Nick Carver band was tearing it up! They did a fantastic job!

Chris was nice. Emily… not so much. 🙂

Emily is so proud of herself! haha

Thank you Emily and Chris for being fantastic clients!  We survived the hot weather and I personally survived tearing my pants in a very awkward place.  Thankfully I was amongst friends. Also, I promised myself I wasn’t going to eat cake this wedding. I eat it every wedding and the splitting of the pants was a testimony to that. But Emily just had to get Coldstone Creamery and have an ice cream bar!  Since it wasn’t cake, I couldn’t resist. Unbelievable. 🙂

The wedding was amazing! Emily and Chris have incredible friends who know how to have a crazy time. Everything went so smoothly thanks to Sarah! Thanks for all of the laughs and tears of joy!


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