Howe Farm Wedding – Cherry and Jeremiah

I love everything about a Howe Farm wedding. What an incredible venue! Cherry contacted me back in January of 2015 for their open house when Howe Farm had just opened up. Little did I know that I would develop an enduring relationship with this incredible venue and eventually photography Cherry’s wedding! What an amazing honor it was to spend the day with her and Jeremiah and their amazing families!  As you will see below, there was lots of laughter and fun but also some wonderfully quiet and deep moments captured as well!

Cherry and Jeremiah have a great connection with each other and I’m going to share some insights into their relationship throughout the blog post!

But first, before we get to the photos, check out the talented team that helped make Cherry and Jeremiah’s dream day into a reality!

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Howe Farms
Wedding Planning: Shannon Smith
Gown: Ever After Bridal
Cake:  Kimmee’s Cakes
Flowers:  AlShabibi Design
Catering: AlShabibi Catering
Hair: Keya Trent and Rachel / HairBenders
Makeup: Grace Young & Brelyn Casper / SpaGo
Makeup: Brelyn Casper / Brelyn Casper Artistry

Special thanks to Shannon Smith and Kristina Dorton for doing so much to keep everything running so smoothly! Howe Farms is a HUGE piece of property and driving everyone around on golf carts and keeping the groomsmen focused is a big task!

Wedding Dress hanging in barn

Rich: What did you first notice about each other?
Cherry: His smile/eyes. [When] we made eye contact for the first time and his eyes lit up and he smiled from ear to ear!
Jeremiah: Her gorgeous smile and her dimples!

brides smiling reflection in mirrorbridesmaid shirtsbride getting her hair donebride excited after putting on wedding dressbrides mom and sister smiling into mirrorbride hanging out on a antique couch

Rich: What stands out the most about the moment you were proposed to?
Cherry: How nervous he was. He was facing away from me and spun around onto his knees so quick it startled me. He proposed less than 50 feet from where my step dad proposed to my mom- and he didn’t even know.

groom getting his bowtie tiedbride approaching groom for their first lookbride and groom first look sequencebride and groom embracingbride and groom during their first look

Rich: What’s one of the wildest / most adventurous things you’ve ever done with each other?
Cherry: We still need to sky dive! But the craziest thing was when we went kayaking and we both were bored cause the family was being slow. So he kept standing up in our kayaks. It was funny until Jeremiah got flipped and had to swim halfway down the river.
Jeremiah: Driving up to the ocoee during a storm just to spend time with one another.

bride adjusting grooms bowtiebride and groom walking through an orchardbride and groom walking through orchard at Howe Farms

wedding party walking through field

bridesmaids enjoying some downtimegroomsmen talking

Rich: Describe your memories around the moment you first realized Jeremiah was more special to you than a typical friend.
Cherry: When we decided, the next day, after our first date that we were going to set a record for spending the most consecutive days together. We spent approx 45 together in a row.

bride kissing ring bearer

ring bearer getting readymother of groom hugging mother of brideRing Bearer bring rolled down the aisle in wagonflower girl walking down aislebride walking with her father down aislegroom watching bride walking down the aisle

Rich: Recount a moment when Jeremiah surprised you in a way that made you love him more.
Cherry: He worked side jobs and kept me in the dark to pay for my engagement ring. I thought he was broke but he was saving for my ring!

bride leaning on father during ceremonywide angle shot during weddingbride looking at her dad before he gives her awaybride and groom steal a glance at each other during ceremonyceremony reflected in pondmother of bride smiles during ceremonybride and groom right before their first kiss as husband and wifebride and groom walking down the aisle in their processional

bride really excited that she's marriedbride gets congratulated right after ceremonybride and her girls pose right after ceremonyUncle and nephew have fun together

bride greets guests after ceremony

bride and groom looking at each other

Rich: Why are you still in love with each other?
Cherry: I love and admire, respect him more every day. Instead of tiring of him, I find more I love about him.
Jeremiah: Because she is always there for me through my ups and downs.

bridesmaids entering into receptionbride and groom being introduced into receptionDetail shots from the reception

bride playing with the flower girlmother of the bride dancing with her grandchildDetails from the reception

Cake photos

little girl dances with her father during receptionDetails from the wedding reception

fun selfie at wedding

bride hugs her mom during her receptiondetail shots from the receptionbride and groom kiss during their first danceBride and Groom having their first dance

bride and groom watch fireworks after their reception

Rich: When do you feel most loved by Jeremiah?
Cherry: He never leaves me without kissing me and telling me he loves me. He will kiss me, walk a couple feet, then hurry back and kiss me and tell me he loves me again- usually does it more than twice

bride and groom kiss during a firework show after their receptionbride and groom kiss during their wedding exit with sparklers








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