Mary-Margaret and Jason’s Blue Ridge Wedding!

Talk about a whirlwind engagement! They’ll definitely have a story to tell their kids and grandkids one day. Planning a wedding in 6 months is hard enough. Planning a wedding in less than a month is CRAZY! Planning a destination wedding in less than a month is CRAZY INSANE. But with a lot of help from friends and family, Mary-Margaret and Jason pulled it off… and beautifully.

When I got the inquiry, I was so glad I was still available. The setting was on Mary-Margaret’s grandmother’s farm in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We missed the beautiful fall leaves by about a week but the specialness of the day was what shone through.

I arrived about 30 minutes before Mary-Margaret and Jason were first going to see each other. And right when this moment happened, I knew I was in for a special day.  EVERY photo I took during this time was a keeper and a shining example of why I’m such a big advocate for first looks.  This scene would NOT have had an opportunity to play out during a ceremony!

The way Mary-Margaret looked at Jason during this moment was just amazing. It almost felt I was intruding on a very intimate moment. For them to let me share this moment with them RIGHT after I met them is priceless to me.




1st cousins once removed! 🙂

I just love how EVERYONE is looking at the bride. Gorgeous.

After a beautiful intimate ceremony, they were officially married!

The roses symbolized the family members who had passed on…

Mary-Margaret’s mom! Had such a blast meeting her and the rest of the families who were there!

Cake Pops for everyone! Okay, just the kids. But I was seriously considering stealing one for myself while no one was looking!

Mom/daughter moment…

Can’t wait to release the rest of the images!  Love this wedding and love this couple!  Mary-Margaret and Jason, on the one day that was dedicated to making you two feel special, you spent all of your time making everyone else around you feel special… including me.  For that, I treasure the very brief time we had together and hope we’ll see each other again some day!  Thank you both!


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