Tim and Stephanie’s vow renewal

I have never photographed a vow renewal before. I guess there are a ton of reasons to have a vow renewal. I’ve heard of couples who have gone through a particularly hard time in their marriage and decide to renew their commitment to each other. Tim and Stephanie decided to have a vow renewal for another reason…for their kids.

They just recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary and now have 5 kids! None of their kids existed for their wedding 10 years ago so they wanted to replicate their wedding vows to solidfy to their kids that they are safe. Safe from ever being separated and that mommy and daddy will ALWAYS be with each other. It was important to Tim and Stephanie for their kids to witness this vow in a ceremony similar to their wedding many years before.

It was beautiful to witness. Seeing the commitment. Seeing where they’ve been and the obstacles they have gone overcome together. The forgiveness and the tears. To hear Tim as he looked into the eyes of  his wife of ten years and sternly, almost with fire in his eyes, tell her that he will NEVER divorce her. Not physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  The whole ceremony was powerful and emotional.

Check out some of my favorites of the evening below…

Loved the fact that the area where they were going to be renew their vows was holy ground since God was in that place. Holy ground = no shoes. Wish I saw this at more weddings!

I love how Tim and Steph look at their kids…

Tim surprised Steph with a new wedding ring!

Tim and Steph, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your amazingly beautiful night! It was an inspiration to everyone in the room to never be satisfied where they stand in their marriage. There’s always room to grow and allow God to transform two into one!  Can’t wait to photograph your 20th year renewal! 🙂


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