Engagement on Signal Mountain | Katie & Kenny

Heather here!

Sometimes words are just inadequate. Such is the case now, as I attempt to communicate just how much we love this man, and how happy we are for him to have found this woman to continue his life journey with. God has written a very special, very redemptive story here, and it is once again our honor to photograph the precious Engels family.

Katie is special, and Rich and I are pretty excited to continue finding out just how special she is. I think she’s like a precious gem, since Kenny adores her.

This man right here, Kenny, he’s been part of our lives for years. It makes me feel a bit old when I consider just how long. In fact, Rich and I were young single adults serving in youth ministry at our church under Kenny, the youth pastor, before we were ever even engaged or married!

He walked with us through our season of engagement, did our premarital counseling, and came to Fort Lauderdale to officiate our wedding 13 years ago this August. And I’ll add that he did a phenomenal job and helped make our wedding day the incredibly special day that it was. Then, as a newly married couple, we were part of the home group bible study in his home. When I think of our relationships’ meaningful beginnings, Kenny played an irreplaceable part.

So yeah, you could definitely say that we love him. He’s been a huge part of our life milestones, and anyone who knows him knows that he is a steady rock, a faithful friend, and a hilarious, shenanigan-prone big kid who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

We can’t wait to photograph Kenny and Katie’s wedding later this month, so stay tuned for some images from what is sure to be a very precious, emotional day. Kenny and Katie, we hope you enjoy this small sampling of photos from your engagement session.

We love you, we are thrilled for you, and we thank God for you!

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Something subtle, yet powerful, happens when I look at Bo. There’s an energy present that is very real and felt only between the two of us. It is the connection we have with each other, embodying all that brought us together and the love we share. I imagine that most people assume it’s there, but no one actually looks for it. Except you. Instead of taking pictures of the two of us, you capture what is between us. It is a profound gift that you have, Rich, to catch meaning in a glance or love in a touch. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. - Rebekah Hughes

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