Heather and Brent | Married

When I first met Heather, her sister and mom at Panera, I had such a wonderful connection with them all that I knew I really, really want to shoot her wedding! I’m so thankful that she choose me to document her special day!

And what an amazing wedding it was!  Although there were record high temperatures, everyone was excited about watching these two join their lives together! It was such beautiful ceremony with lots of little surprises that made it so special and emotional.

On top of that, I knew it was going to be an awesome wedding because I had the fabulous Amber Holritz photograph with me! She did an incredible job as always. I included several of her photos below!

We started the day off at Elea Blake. It’s always fun to go there and see my wonderful friends!

Heather’s sister looking on.

Heather’s really fun friend Tiffany came to hang out.  We became friends instantly.

We then went to Black Fox Farms in Cleveland.  Such an incredible place to photograph!

Heather spent a few minutes writing in her journal to Brent before she put on her dress…

These next two photos by Amber! Doesn’t Heather make a STUNNING bride!?

Brent and Heather seeing each other for the first time!

I love, love, love this photo.  It just doesn’t get any more gorgeous than this. I’m so jealous that Amber took the best shot of the day!

I took the exact same shot from a different location and perspective:

I can’t tell which of the two photos below I like better so I’ll let everyone else decide… vote below your favorite one!

What a beautiful couple they make!

Another amazing photo by Amber!

Thanks Amber for the photo below!

Amber with the girls as they pray right before the ceremony…

Heather completely surprised Brent by singing to him during the ceremony. It was the most emotional scene I’ve ever had the privilege to photograph.

As she sang… tears of joy.

Amber got this shot as Brent was rushing her off after the ceremony!

And check out this absolutely breathtaking photo that Amber grabbed of the first dance!

They surprised Brent and Heather (and us – as the photographers – as well) with fireworks as they were leaving on a John Deere!  I was in the wrong place to capture it but Amber fortunately was!  Thanks for getting capturing these moments, Am!

Heather and Brent, thank you so much for having us photograph your wedding. We had an amazing time getting to know both of you leading up to your wedding and the photos you allowed us to take during this special time shows the world how much you love each other.  You two are going to have an incredible marriage and I hope to continue to photograph you as your family eventually grows!  Enjoy your wedding photos!


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