Rachel & Miles » Married!

I was so excited to go up to Kentucky to photograph Rachel and Miles wedding. I haven’t spent much time up there but fell in love with Kentucky almost immediately after crossing the state line.  Beautiful sunlight was illuminating the most incredible wheat and corn fields you can imagine.  With cool old barns interspersed along the way.  Not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. Everywhere I turned I wanted to photograph in that location.

When I arrived at Rachels grandparents farm, the sun had already gone down but there was still enough light to make out the lake, tents and beautiful land around.  Which made me immediately wish I had dragged someone with me to second shoot. There were too many amazing details to get in the time period I had.

To top it off, EVERYONE I met was just amazing. Rachel has a super close family and it showed. There was excitement in the air and it energized everyone around.  Amazing surrounding, beautiful people, close family… these are definitely conditions I can work with.

After a good nights sleep, the bride got her hair and make up done about 12 miles from the farm:

The first look:

I love that bowties are coming back. I saw several of the guys wearing them. So cool.

I’ve been shooting weddings for a while but Rachel introduced me to “tradition” that I had not encountered yet.  All the bridesmaids put their names on the bottom of the brides shoe. At the end of the day, the bridesmaids name that is the clearest is either going to be next getting married or having a baby.  It was great seeing the reactions from all the girls! 🙂

The shy but beautiful flower girl:

The incredible reception site…

The arrival at the reception!

A new first for me! A mac-n-cheese bar!

It was SOOO hot outside!  I had to bribe the girls that if they ran down the hill for me, I’d cut the photos short and they could change into something more comfortable.  It didn’t take much convincing. 🙂

They left on a boat on the river (you can just make it out in the photo below).  Side note: this lake did NOT exist when her grandfather bought this land. He and his three sons dug this lake. Yep, it’s a man-made lake. Incredible feat with incredible results!

Thank you Rachel and Miles for treating me so well while I was with you guys! I had a blast.  Some of the many firsts I had with this wedding were: 1) first gift basket I’ve ever received from a bride (with homemade Kentucky bourbon balls that were so good) and 2) the first time the brides mom photographed ME with the bride!  That just made me feel ultra special. I want that photo Mom!  🙂


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